Show Animals

Dog Shows, Cat Shows, Horse Competitions, even the State Fair.  They are the Beauty Pageants and Athletic Events for our animals.  They are also serious competitions to exemplify great breeding lines.

Form, standards, grooming, agility, personality, connection with the handler or rider.  All are critically important aspects to the competition and most are within your control to manage.  But what happens when your animal suddenly becomes anxious, agitated, even aggressive in the ring?  One good swipe of a clawed paw or nip with sharp teeth or stubborn refusal to perform a particular move takes your animal out of that day’s ribbon ceremony and possibly out of competition permanently.

There are so many distractions in any animal competition.  Other animals, females in season, loud noises, travel in uncomfortable or unfamiliar conditions, new and different ring surfaces.  There are any number of reasons a seasoned show animal suddenly refuses to go into the ring or come off the trailer or respond to his trainer.  Some animals absolutely thrive in the heat of competition.  Others may be the perfect specimen but may not truly appreciate the thrill of the win.  Still other successful competition veterans may simply lose interest in competing.

Grooming can help your show animal look his best, physical training can keep his body in top condition.  But the top performers need to train their emotions and spirit, too.

Nancy is an Animal Empath who works with your animal energetically to prepare mentally and emotionally for the rigors of the show ring.  Nancy offers support that will help your animal (to its highest good)

  • Stay calm and focused;
  • Relieve stress and anxiety;
  • Recover more quickly from travel;
  • Tune out distractions;
  • Develop a more unified relationship with his handler or rider (during the show);
  • Appreciate the thrill of the competition;
  • For the girls coming into season, help balance hormonal reactions.

For Handlers and Riders: Nancy can offer suggestions and powerful energy/mindful techniques to help them manage the three ‘A’s of animal handling: aggression, anxiety, and apathy.

For Horses: Nancy helps them become more comfortable going on and off their trailer; develop their focus and concentration to perform among many distractions, whether agility, dressage, or jumping; offer more efficient warm-up and recovery around training and competitions; enhance the effect of other therapies, such as massage and chiropractic adjustments.

In addition, Nancy’s gifts, skills, and therapeutic options help animals heal more fully from injuries, returning more quickly to competition; help young animals make a smooth transition into the show life, and support older animals as they adjust to their golden years as pets or “teachers”.