It started as a spiritual reality; now it’s been proven by science: everything in our physical universe is vibrating energy.  Nothing more, nothing less.

All physical beings are energy.  For us humans, our bodies utilize food, air, water, and exercise to produce the energy that we need to live – and we sleep to promote the integration and rebalancing of our bodies.  When we are stressed, traumatized, ill, or in crises, we are experiencing discordant vibrations in our energy and physical bodies which can create dis-ease, illness, or emotional imbalances.  And when that happens, our bodies cry out for balance.

Reiki helps bring us back into balance.  Reiki means “Spiritually-Guided Universal Life Force Energy.”  It is a method of sharing universal life force energy, which brings whoever receives it into a dynamic state of balance.

In sharing Reiki, Nancy becomes a conduit for the Universal Life-Force Energy, allowing it to flow where you need it, at all levels of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  It is not her energy you receive; she simply helps direct the energy of the Universe to you and to the areas of your being that are out of balance.  Together, you direct the energy by identifying and creating your intentions and purpose for the healing session before you start, and then let the energy flow to where it knows it is needed to bring balance.

Reiki complements any treatments, medicines, and therapies that you may be receiving already, as the energy flows in healthy balance and works together with other remedies and treatments to heal more quickly in a natural rhythm for you.

The outcomes from a Reiki session are varied, sometimes very obvious, sometimes very subtle.  They often are dependent upon the intensity or severity of the “issue.”

  • When utilizing Reiki for relaxing and de-stressing, a minimal experience of peace and quietness is a very normal result.
  • If you are experiencing chronic pain, the reduction or elimination is usually noticeable at the first session; additional sessions may be needed to continue the healing, but it is always at the frequency that is appropriate for you.
  • If you are healing from surgery, Reiki accelerates healing in a healthy manner and also helps to reduce inflammation, pain, even emotional concerns around the surgical experience.
  • If you are experiencing emotional crises, panic, or trauma, you normally experience a sense of “safe” or calm, giving you the opportunity to feel more present and more empowered to continue your healing.
The situations in which Reiki is beneficial are actually unlimited and never contra-indicated, for all beings are beings of energy – and balance is the natural state of the Universe.  It can be shared with all beings: human, animals, plants, the Earth, and in all situations.