Never-Ending Paths was founded in 1998 to support all beings heal into their wholeness.  Healing and healthy growth or development, in order to be optimally effective, have inherent qualities of co-operation, harmony, unity, receptivity, focused will, and directed movement to the “healed state.”  Health, heal, holistic, whole, and holy all come from the same root word – in English.

 Whether responding to a physical illness or injury, an emotional crises, a spiritual “dark night of the soul” or choosing to initiate the next step on your life path, Nancy commits to offering you the sacred space in which these qualities are called present and to support you with unconditional love, peace, balance, integrity, and ethical spirituality.  She addresses your heart, your spirit, to understand the components of your “healed state” and assesses your current situation to know what qualities need to be brought into the dynamic balance that is appropriate for you.

She respects that everyone has free will or free choice, and she abides by the parameters and intentions that you set together for your optimal healing (focused action to balance that which is in a state of dis-ease) or your spiritual/emotional healthy development (pro-active exploration to develop gifts or understanding of your purpose).

The following are beliefs that she has held throughout her life and has in common with indigenous traditions of life and spirituality and with current quantum scientific research:

  • Everything is energy, vibrating at different rates, conveying information and dynamic influence for balance.  Therefore, everything is alive, conscious, and has a uniquely intelligent soul/spirit/energy.
  • Everyone and everything is connected in a Web of Life and is imbued with the same Life Spirit.  Each physical being is a uniquely infinite expression of Spirit/God.
  • Spiritual and physical realms (Heaven and Earth) exist simultaneously and within each other, there is no separation, no “here” and “there”.
  • Energy follows thought (a vibration of unique frequency) which, when repeated or intensified, creates itself in tangible, physical form.
  • All physical nature is cyclical and moves in vortexes or spiral motion.
  • The physical, holistic Universe is in a natural state of dynamic balance, which is a unified, harmonic interplay of polarity, always moving, always influencing change.
  • Healing and natural growth require concentrated focus on moving from a place of imbalance or dis-ease to that of a balanced, more expanded view of oneself and the connection within the whole.
  • Dis-ease at any and all levels of spirit, mind, and body occurs when there is a sense of separation or isolation from our connection with nature and Spirit.
  • Feelings are comprised of thoughts (providing the direction and structure through which energy flows) and emotions (energy in motion – the intensity and quality or lack thereof).  In both indigenous belief and medical research we now find that our “biography becomes our biology”.
  • We find our balance and power of choice when we draw ourselves fully and wholly present in the current moment, letting go of the worries from the past or the future.

Each of us has a different, unique, and purposeful path.  Each path is complete in and of itself, yet it is a part of the greater whole – the Infinite Universe.  We walk together on our Never-Ending Paths, collectively interweaving all paths into the Unified Whole, the Web of Life.