You know your horse’s body language – whether he likes his nose rubbed or forehead scratched.  You know what her twitching ear or tail means – whether she’s about to kick or shake her head.  But do you know what he’s thinking?  Can you tell by looking into his eyes if he’s happy or sad?  Frustrated or bored?  Does she like her tack or is the saddle bothering her hindquarters?  Does he like his stall-mates or does a newly placed neighbor make him anxious?  Would she prefer more time in the pasture or is she more comfortable in the stall she’s been raised in?

That’s where Nancy, an animal empath, comes in.  She reads and works with the horse’s energy systems to calm them, so that their thoughts and feelings can come through to her.  In their relaxed state horses can share with Nancy images, impressions, and words that she can then interpret to tell their humans what they are thinking and feeling.  Connecting holistically with your horse and you (your relationship is always in the heart of the horse’s well-being), Nancy offers energy- and frequency-based therapies and communications which can support your horse by

  • Alleviating or minimizing pain – physical, emotional, or energetic;
  • Accelerating recovery time after training and competition;
  • Entering a more relaxed state during transport, entering and departing trailers, and adapting to new surroundings;
  • Develop and deepening a “home” connection with new owners, new barns/stalls, riders, and trainers;
  • Enhancing the synchrony and bond between you and your horse – two hearts harmonizing as one

Some of the real stories she has heard include:

  • A long tale of abandonment and soul-loss from a young horse removed too soon from his mother;
  • How a horse imported from another country missed his mother ‘human’ tongue and didn’t want to respond to his new foreign-language speaking trainer-the “feel” of communication felt “prickly”;
  • What a horse’s ‘real’ name was and how he felt the new name given by new owners was undignified and not worthy of being responded to;
  • How a brood-mare-turned-riding-horse had suffered physically and emotionally during a particularly difficult delivery and had internal scarring that caused her saddle to be uncomfortable;
  • Why a regular traveler suddenly started to buck and thrash violently when being led onto his trailer;
  • The sufferings that a recently-acquired horse endured at the hands of a prior trainer and how much she appreciated the gentler, more patient methods her new owner used;
  • How grateful a ‘mature’ mare was to be rescued from certain death by a new, loving human (and horse) family and thankful for her new lease on life.

When your horse progresses to his or her end-of-life stage, Nancy  can support you by promoting peace, clarity, respect, and dignity – as well as communicate your horse’s understanding and desires – as you make the decisions required to honor his or her life quality.

Nancy supports your ever-evolving horse-person relationship by offering individualized energy sessions to help your horse heal from illness or injury – according to its highest heart-purpose – and strengthen or maintain physical and emotional soundness.