Hypnotherapy as a therapy is often devalued or dismissed due to popular “stage hypnosis” and parlor games which intend to embarrass the “subject.”  Nothing is farther from the truth.  In the proper environment hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which brings about significant, healthy change for the better, as it addresses the subconscious workings of the mind.

Hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind, provides healthy suggestions and sensory imagery, and creates new “programs.”  The subconscious component of mind is where the “automatic pilot” resides – the part of your mind that takes over the execution of the habitual actions.  This is great when we are brushing our teeth or for instructing our heart to keep beating, but it can be disastrous (or certainly unhealthy) for us if an “old tape” is running that tells us that we are undeserving of love, that we need to be afraid of the world, or that someone else (or perhaps an internal Judge or Critic) holds our life in his/her hands.  The “old tape” is that inner voice that tells us – “go ahead, have a cigarette; eat that piece of cake; bite your fingernails; get involved with that person even though you know the relationship will not be healthy for you.”

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that utilizes the “quiet” mind – or altered state of awareness – to offer hypnotherapeutic suggestions that are supportive of your intentions and goals for moving forward into your “healed state”: i.e., your health and well-being.  Most often, this state of relaxation or altered awareness is similar to the experience of drifting into or out of sleep – or a concentrated focus similar to being immersed in a good book or movie.

Before integrating hypnotherapy into our session we discuss together your desired intentions, goals, and outcomes to ensure that the imagery and suggestions that are offered are appropriate for your healing and are supportive of your highest potential.  In facilitating the shift to the healthier thoughts and behaviours, Nancy provides suggestions that align your subconscious and conscious minds and synchronizes them with the super-conscious mind.  Essentially, we align your body and mind with your spirit – supporting all parts of you working together in harmony!

People who benefit from hypnotherapy include those who have

  • habitual behaviour that is non-supportive of your health;
  • unhealthy thought patterns that inhibit your sense of joy, hope, and well-being;
  • uncomfortable, reactive experiences that are creating unsafe or unhealthy relationships;
  • physical illness or dis-ease that becomes more central in your attention than the joys of your life.
Hypnotherapy is beneficial to support you in reframing, responding, and creating healthy thoughts and behaviours which express your “healed state” – your true self.