Our animals – they touch our hearts in ways that no one else can!  They offer us unconditional love, trust, and much joy.  Since we have brought animals into our lives, they have become one step removed from nature and their natural rhythms.  Therefore, we have an interdependent relationship with them, one that has responsibility for their health, their well-being, and sometimes even their very lives.

Whether our animals are from shelters/rescues or from breeders, whether they are pets or show animals, even working animals, they all require our attention and presence, so that they can come back into their natural rhythms, not that of the hectic and – to them – nonsensical human busyness.  Most often, our animals will sense and pick up on our feelings, moods, and even reflect our health.  They, too, may require healing at all levels of their being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Nancy provides healing support to your animals, so that they can reclaim their natural, inherent health and well-being, whether they have

  • a physical illness or injury – acute or chronic
  • a behavior or emotional issue (from experiencing traumas, known or unknown)
  • a loss of spirit – common to animals who have been abandoned or abused or who have lost a beloved animal or human companion

She also helps animals who are at the end of their lives to close their lives with comfort, love, and ease, regardless of whether they can die naturally or they need assistance from their veterinarian.

Nancy also supports you, the animal companion, and other animal “siblings” as you all adjust to the healing shifts that occur within the animal.  She offers some tools that you can use with your animals to continue and strengthen their healing into the “healed state” – their inherent essential heart.

Very often, the animals respond to these healing sessions with a deeper sense of trust and love, experiencing a renewed life of purpose and meaning, health, and well-being – no matter how many years or days they may have.