Spiritual Counseling

As we grow or when life “forces” us to change, we can lose that sense of centeredness, balance, and connection that helps us orient to living from our Heart-Knowing.  In these hectic times, stresses are building quickly and intensely, sometimes causing us to offer “knee-jerk” reactions without thinking about the outcomes and consequences.  We can lose our sense of direction and what we really value within ourselves and in our lives.

To feel connected and true to ourselves, our outer actions and expressions need to align with our spirit, our sense of life and purpose.  This is the foundation of healing – coming into our wholeness and thus, enlivening and strengthening our spirit, living our purposes in life, and expressing who we really are (not who others think we should be or even who we were when we were younger).

Spiritual Counseling allows you to explore your connection within yourself for wholeness; your faith and beliefs about life, spirituality, God; your sense of belonging and oneness with all life; your code of ethics and values; and your willingness to explore joy, vitality, and beauty even in (or particularly in) the face of your current life experiences.  Through the sacred, personal space of your session we explore how to re-align and harmonize thoughts, emotions, feelings, and physical aspects of being with the sacred intelligence and knowing of your spirit’s purpose(s).

People who benefit from spiritual counseling include those who have

  • a feeling of disconnection from your sense of self or knowing of “who you are;”
  • a physical illness that has drawn your attention away from your sense of spirit or sense of life;
  • an emotional crisis that has you moving more in “survival mode” rather than thriving and joy;
  • a crisis of faith – in life, in God (Great Spirit, Universal Life Force, High Power, Supreme/Divine Being), in yourself.
Through conversation, reading of spirit, energy work, prayer, and celebration (according to the appropriate modes for you), Nancy supports you in remembering and acknowledging that you are more than your current experiences.  She mirrors your re-membrance of your heart-knowing, and by bringing yourself fully into the present moment, you have the power of choice as to how you move forward.   She helps you create and activate your aligned expression of your authentic self as you connect with others in your life.