Experiencing Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a defining moment in your life.  But it does not have to define your life!

Whether your diagnosis is new or a recurrence, stage 1 or stage 4, requires surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, you know that your life is forever changed.  You very quickly become focused on making choices about the options for surgery and treatments that are most favorable for you.  This is a very important component in your healing.

Yet, healing is a process that includes more than just the medical procedures that focus on your physical being.  Healing also includes the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being.  The “cure” may start with surgery or medication, but healing starts within you.

Nancy has been helping people with cancer navigate their healing journeys since 1998.  She uses a holistic approach, blending complementary therapies to support you from the point of diagnosis, preparing for surgery, during surgery, during recovery, and post treatment.  All therapies she offers safely integrates with the allopathic choices you make, as you walk through this healing process.

You are an individual and the healing path you undertake is specific to you and to what will best serve your greater good.  Together with Nancy, you create your own individualized healing program, which may include any one or a combination of holistic modalities, depending on your needs, treatment therapies, and your desired outcomes.  Some of the techniques offered are Spiritual Counsel, Reiki, Guided Imagery, Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing Practices, BEMER Vascular Therapy and various self-care techniques and resources.

The healing benefits within the holistic approach – designed for you personally – focus beyond just the “cure”.  The various therapies in this holistic approach

  • Heighten your sense of peace and wholeness;
  • Maximize reduction or elimination of pain;
  • Minimize adverse or detrimental side effects of conventional medical treatments;
  • Support your immune system and circulation;
  • Strengthen your innate healing ability;
  • Dis-empower the fears often associated with cancer and its treatments;
  • Transform stressors and triggers, so you can focus on healing;
  • Focus on healing your mind (mental and emotional states) and spirit, as well as your body.

Remember that you are not in this alone.  Cancer is not part of your identity – it is but one experience you are going through on your life’s path.

Take an active role in defining your healing journey.  You will feel more empowered, be better prepared for any outcome, encourage the best possible outcome, and create an experience from which you can emerge whole and complete.