Guided Imagery

Most of us are very aware of the power that images have to evoke feelings and emotions.  All we have to do is remember what is feels like when we look at a picture of a loved one or to remember the first kiss – or to remember the first time we found ourselves lost and alone.  We too often underutilize the power of images and memories that evoke feelings of love, joy, connectedness, beauty (healing responses) – and practice way too often the images that evoke fear, panic, isolation, depression (discordant responses).

It has been scientifically proven that full-sensory images in the mind are interpreted as actual events by and to the body!  When we focus our concentration to the memory or image – feeling like we are “there”, our brain sends all those same messages throughout our bodies, shifting their biochemistry.  We can actually create a memory over and over – a very pleasant experience if it brings joy and love, but quite unhealthy if it engenders anxiety or trauma.

Guided Imagery is used to achieve feelings of health and well-being, a sense of purpose and spirit, a sense of confidence in reaching your potential.  With Guided Imagery we first discuss the imagery that is meaningful to you and is within your belief structure, for these are the images that will most effectively support your healing.

You can use Guided Imagery at any time, at any place, particularly if you are feeling pain, anxiety, stress, fear – to remember that you have the ability to feel joy, love, peace, and beauty.  Even in just a few minutes during a stressed-out day, you can close your eyes and “take” yourself to that favorite vacation spot, “spend” time with someone you love; remember laughing with your entire being!  Your body will literally shift out of “stress” mode into a more relaxed and clearer state.

Nancy customizes Guided Imagery sessions to help you turn your focus and energy within – allowing yourself to be immersed in the images you have created.  Guided Imagery can address physical, emotional or spiritual issues, whether at the cellular, conscious, or subconscious levels.  The imagery reframes an experience that is detrimental to your health and shifts the focus to your “healed state,” activating your deep inner-knowing at all levels of your being.  It addresses the energy bodies that inform and permeate your physical body.