Your Animal’s End of Life

When is the “right time” to do the “right thing?”

The pain of losing a beloved pet or animal can’t be described.  We want to hold them and comfort them and take their pain away forever.  Sadly at some point, we can no longer offer that reassurance that “everything will be OK” or this new medicine, injection, or food will make it all better.

Animals are aware of their own mortality and lifespan.  They also know how sad we will feel when they die, so they may hide their pain from us and reassure US that everything will be OK.  We look for telltale signs that it’s “time” – usually when they stop eating, drinking, or moving about on their own.  We hope and pray that they pass on their own – maybe peacefully in the middle of the night, so we won’t have to make that painful choice.

We serve our animal companions best when we put their love and dignity before our own feelings, offer them comfort and grace, ease their pain and suffering, and put their need for relief above our need to hold on.  We are offering love and peace when we remember that death is part of the life cycle, which animals accept fully.

Nancy supports you as you make compassionate choices which honor the dignity of your animal, while working with you to support your feelings.  She can help ease the pain in the days or weeks leading up to his or her death and help you decide when “it is time.”

She can work with your vet to help your animal companion cross smoothly and peacefully, while helping you be present with your pet rather than being distant or denying your animal’s reality.  She can offer a loving ceremony to honor your pet’s life.  And when your animal has crossed, Nancy can support you through your grieving, so that you continue to feel the love you shared together – and continue to express that love in your life.