Shamanic Practices

Traditionally, a shaman is one who, from birth, walks simultaneously and consciously in the physical and spiritual/energetic worlds.  Having been recognized at birth as shaman and training with various teachers, Nancy – utilizing her gifts, intuitions, and practices – unifies the worlds, bringing balance and harmony into communities, individuals, animals, plants, the Earth.  She mediates between the visible world of form and matter and the invisible world of energy and spirit.  She receives, understands, and interprets messages from Spirit/God and shares them for creating and healing into balance, unity, and peace in our physical world.

Shamans are more currently known in our western world for journeying and soul retrievals.  Through journeying Nancy will help you connect with your spirit guides and power animals to establish and strengthen your relationships and gain information and guidance on how to respond to and resolve problems and issues affecting your life right now.  In Soul Retrievals Nancy intercedes on your behalf with your guides and guardians to retrieve and return “lost or forgotten” parts of yourself that may have splintered off, been stolen from you, or given away at some earlier time in your life but whose absence is affecting your ability to maintain a healthy and balanced life now.

Shamanic healing practices help to evaluate, assess, and heal the interrelationships within all parts of who you are – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual; and with family, community, and nature.  Shamanic healing connects and integrates the soul and empowers your vital energy back into you.

So, what does this all mean to you?  Shamanic healing practices can benefit people who may be experiencing or have experienced:

  • physical illness that seems to have taken your power and sense of life from you;
  • a sense of loss, explainable or not;
  • a sense of “I’m not all here” or inability to stay present;
  • a large gap in memory, particularly in early years;
  • loss of joy in life, feeling empty, apathetic;
  • a sense of not being able to move forward in your life after any form of trauma, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual
  • an accident or trauma that has left you feeling disoriented or “beside” yourself.

Priestess Shaman Nancy “White Eagle” first journeys to see your essential nature or soul’s template (the healed state) and receives spiritual guidance, retrieves power, and retrieves soul pieces that are ready to come “home.”  These practices are powerful at clearing vibrational imprints that are creating the discord, illness, separation, or trauma and resetting your core essential vibrations into your natural, healthy rhythms.

Ultimately, Nancy “reads” your “healed state” or your essential core of being, assesses the current expression, then – through the shamanic healing – supports your healing journey into your healed, whole, unified state.