Stress.  Illness.  Finding your soulmate.  Cancer.  Finding and sustaining the perfect, loving home.  Divorce.  Loss of a loved one.  Birth of a child.  Crisis of faith.  Discovering and exploring your purpose.  Life never stands still.  It constantly offers us challenges, opportunities, turmoils, and blessings.  Some of us deal with life’s issues like water off a duck’s back, others like a boat bobbing in a turbulent sea, and even others like walking in a fog.

So, what can we do to get some sense of balance and peace– or at least figure out an appropriate response – in our day-to-day living?  We need to find ways that allow us to become present in the moment, to enter the stillness of the pause between our breaths.  It is that natural, that simple, but rarely that easy.

Healing and balance require us to shift our thoughts and attention away from the stressors in our outer lives and turn within to activate the wisdom and harmony that inherently reside within each one of us.  Changing our focus, even for a short time, to our sense of wholeness and to thoughts of joy, love, and connection has a powerful, healthy impact with our body, mind, and spirit!

Nancy supports people experiencing any and all of life’s challenges and joys – from pain and illness to thriving after cancer; from celebrations of love and new life to honoring a life well-lived; from questions of belief to joy in finding and following your soul’s purpose.

Nancy is an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Priestess Shaman and Reader of Spirit, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Master Clinical Hypnotherapist.  She combines her gifts and skills as appropriate for each individual she works with, understanding that everyone’s needs are different and each person will respond to different therapies differently.

Nancy is there with you as you walk on your path, whether that path is through a life-threatening illness, an emotional crisis, a spiritual “dark night of the soul,” or even a sense that there is something more to your life that you are ready to discover.  She walks with you as together you identify and clear the path, dis-empower the fear, and empower your strength and courage.  If your experience is one of joy, healing, or significant milestones, you take time to pause in your journey to express gratitude and celebration.

 So whether you are experiencing a time of healing, spiritual development, emotional clearing, or simply (but not necessarily easily) choosing to find balance in life, you are offered the opportunity of true “re-membrance” – who you are in your wholeness, your fullness of Spirit.