Holistic Therapies

We’re hearing a lot these days about holistic healing and holistic medicine.  Too often, “holistic” is used synonymously with “alternative,” “complementary,” and “integrative.”  However, these words – particularly when used associated with health and medicine, are unique descriptors of the progression from “separate and different” to “unified and synergistic.”  “Alternative” means something “other than or different from;” “complementary” means “harmonize with or to bring together with another;” “integrate” means to “bring various discreet objects together or to fit together.”  “Holistic” means “to make whole, to unify; universal.”  “Heal” comes from the same root word as health, holistic, whole, hologram, and holy and means to “be brought into natural, inherent health or state-of-being, to be restored naturally; to unify in harmony, dynamic stasis, and balance.”

Holistic Healing, then, refers to a multi-disciplinary approach to healing – and to those practitioners who combine methods or techniques dynamically to support patient’s/client’s inherent health and well-being.  It is a concept that Nancy has been practicing since the inception of Never-Ending Paths, well before the term became popularized – let alone understood – in the medical field, as well as in the general populace.

Holistic healing connects, harmonizes, synchronizes, and unifies your body and mind (emotional and mental aspects) with your spirit.  It  focuses firstly on you as a whole person and secondarily on which therapies, tools, and techniques support your balanced health and well-being.  Whether you are experiencing a physical illness, emotional pain, mental stress or spiritual crisis, an holistic approach to your healing is key to finding and restoring that “whole” person that you really are.  It is a process of re-membering all of you into your unified, “healed” state of being – your I AM essence.

In the holistic session Nancy (using a combination of appropriate therapies) opens the safe, sacred space for you

  • to enter your heart-space in full remembrance of who you are – at least, an aspect of your wholeness that is being stressed or undermined in the given moment.  Heart-knowing wisdoms, for example, include but are not limited to, your joy, courage, trust, sense of safeness, confidence – all facets of unconditional love of self.
  • to move into acceptance (not complacency nor fight) of your current moment.  Acceptance opens the energy to offer love into the current moment or situation, rather than fear or denial – particularly when dealing with illness, trauma, and their emotional “relatives”.  In opening in acceptance with love, your inner power is strengthened and you now have the energy, focus, and love to move forward.
  • to create a plan or “map” of your steps to move forward in your awareness and experience of your “healed state”, aligning thoughts, words, and actions with your heart-wisdom of your authentic self.  We utilize the exponential “domino effect” of one small step exponentially leads to successive steps, each more powerfully aligned with your heart.

Nancy offers holistic healing therapies that complement and supplement other medicines, be they for the body, emotions, mind, or spirit.  As a Spiritual Counselor and Holistic Healing Practitioner, she activates and supports the healing process within you and teaches practical applications of focusing, grounding, and relaxation techniques that safely enhance your healing energy and presence.

Some of the techniques that she contributes in the healing relationship with you include Spiritual Counseling, Reiki, Medical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Practices, Reading of Spirit (your inherent spiritual template as revealed through your Spirit Guardian), Guided Imagery, BEMER Vascular Therapy, and other vibrational/frequency-based therapies.

 Taking an active role in defining your healing journey can help you feel more empowered, be better prepared for any outcome, encourage the best possible outcome, and create an experience from which you can emerge – once again in your awareness and experience –  whole and complete.