Experiencing Chronic Pain

Pain.  For any of us who have experienced pain, we know that it grabs our attention.  For anyone who has experienced chronic pain, it DEMANDS our attention!  How can we break the cycle and remember what it’s like to feel comfortable in our own bodies and to actually enjoy physical activities, like walking easily or being able to go up and down stairs relatively comfortably, or maybe actually being able to get in and out of bed easily?

Pain management is about breaking its demands and its overwhelmingly powerful cycle.  Once you have identified what these cycles are – whether the pain is continuous, cyclical, caused by medical treatments you may be undergoing, or more acute from an injury – you can work through pain management into relief.

Nancy works with you to identify your pain cycles and helps to examine even the unknown causes of your chronic pain.  She explores with you what your “healed state” is – who you are, how it feels (remembered or imagined) to focus in the present moment rather than in the pain, and how you can nurture yourself while you heal.

Together, you practice various techniques that you can use in that moment when pain begins to build, so that you can disrupt its cycle and can redirect your course of response.  With the use of energy-based therapies, Nancy assists you as balance and peace are restored into all levels of your being – spirit, mind, and body.  She offers you benefit of various modalities that retrain your thoughts and emotions, which very often have “normalized” the experience of pain.  All techniques are complementary and supportive of any allopathic or emotional/mental therapies you may be receiving.

Nancy helps you remember the comfort and grace in your body that are your ‘norm’ – not the pain that has attempted to distract you from your true self.

The refocusing techniques support you as you change the idea that “I’ll just have to learn to live with it” to “I enjoy comfort and relaxation in my body, mind, and spirit – and continue to support the growing strength and ease within.”