Earth & Environs

The Earth is our home.  Our Mother.  She provides the foods to nourish us, the materials we use to build our homes, and the fuels to keep us warm or cool and move us from place to place.  She takes care of us in all ways, but who takes care of her?

We often forget that the Earth is a living, breathing Being of energy.  And while she seems ‘constant’ to us with our short lifetimes, the only thing constant about Her is change.  The shifts within the Earth are happening at ever increasing rates, some as a result of her natural state of balancing and some as the result of the many detrimental effects that have been brought about by our human impact.

These shifts influence and have impact on how we feel, how the animals (both domesticated and wild) sense and orient themselves, how healthy and robust our plants are, and how our homes and properties feel.

It is time for us to give back to the Earth!  At this time the Earth is going through tremendous shifts to rebalance Her energy and align Herself in greater harmony within the Universe, and we can help.  It’s not just about recycling and conservation, but also about helping with sending Her healing energy and gratitude.  And it starts with your land, your home, your animals and plants.

Through the use of a variety of energy techniques and modalities, Nancy helps to rebalance your land and home through clearing or neutralizing detrimental or “ill” areas and focusing healing intentions that bring harmony and stability into your home area – and interweaves it with the greater whole.

Nancy uses a variety of methods – plants, crystals, music, chimes, intentions, blessings, clearings – as “healing medicines” for the land.  She works with you, the owners, to understand and connect more with your land. to bring more harmony and dynamic balance to your home as these shifts continue to occur more frequently and on larger scales.

Just as it is important for our healing to shift energy of “illness” into that of energy of “wellness and health”, it is important to the Earth to be supported with vibration that is harmonious, centered, and Earth-honoring.  Working at the energetic levels of healing, the vibrational information that creates our physical world is more balanced, reaching a dynamic equilibrium that is integrated from occurrence to occurrence.

In addition to working with individual properties, Nancy facilitates a monthly group gathering which focuses intention and enhanced group energy into our communities at large for appropriate healing from resultant imbalances caused by these natural and “man-made” shifts and disasters.  Please check the calendar for dates, times and locations of these gatherings.