Reading of Spirit

 Nancy was blessed at a very young age with the ability to “see” and “read” Spirit (God, Great Spirit, Source Creation), not just for herself, but for others as well.  As a seer and receiver/transmitter of Spiritual Messages from Beings of Love, she reads your energy vibrations/frequencies and your soul template to offer you information and guidance from Spirit/God in a variety of areas (not limited to those listed below):
  • to see potential outcomes to a decision that you need to make;
  • to gain understanding, guidance, and insights while healing through a physical illness or injury;
  • to gain better clarity when you feel that you are at a life cross road or have emotional upheaval;
  • to explore professional career choices or retirement choices;
  • to gain understanding of your current experiences or situations and how to change direction;
  • to connect with the energy/spirit of loved ones who have crossed – as it pertains to you now.

Nancy connects with Spirit/God, your Guardian(s), and Guides to gain the information and messages that are appropriate and important for you to know –  and pertaining to your questions and intentions.  Reading of Spirit is offered in compassion, love, and permission of all who are relevant to the information and guidance and for and in the highest service of Love.

Knowing that the future is infinite and unscripted, the guidance and messages which come through are “suggestions” from Spirit.  Love does not coerce nor demand.  You are in a loving, co-creative partnership with God/Spirit, and therefore, it is your responsibility to choose and implement what seems most beneficial for you at the time.