Nancy Saxe founded Never-Ending Paths in 1998 to support all beings to heal into their wholeness  – their “healed state” – from the results of injury, illness, isolation or abandonment, emotional trauma, or spiritual crisis.  Stresses in daily living and our experiences tend to separate; healing brings together and unifies.

Nancy is an Holistic Healing Practitioner, trained in a number of healing therapies which she combines with her experience as a Heart-Centered Living Coach, Spiritual CounselorInterfaith Minister, and Priestess Shaman to support people and animals to heal in spirit, mind, and body – and to connect within the larger “family” and environment.

Drawing together counsel and therapies from both scientific and indigenous traditions, she personalizes healing approaches which support the highest benefit of her clients.  Healing sessions provide opportunity for clients to support health for the body, peace and balance of mind, and strength and unity of spirit.

Never-Ending Paths has an active presence within the community, health care sector for people, and health care sector for animals, offering individual sessions that are private and confidential, as well as integrative with allopathic care and treatments.  As an educator Nancy also offers workshops and seminars, teaching practical techniques that are powerful and beneficial as we integrate the healing and our spiritual development into our everyday lives.  These group venues offer the added richness and enhanced power of group energy and the combined wisdom of the attendees.

We are living through intense changes, occurring more frequently and rapidly, shifting the balance within us, our personal lives, and the Earth herself.  Never-Ending Paths assists people, animals, and the Earth to integrate, balance, harmonize, and unify both the natural and man-made fluctuations within us and our connection with all Life.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss how we can assist you on your path, whether you are experiencing illness, moving through a life transition, or exploring your life purpose.

Re-membering all parts of ourselves and re-connecting with the Life Force HEALS us: Humans, Animals, Earth, Life, Spirit – we are all One.