He stole your heart as soon as you saw him in that small, lonely wire cage.  Those big eyes.  The cautious tail wag when your eyes met.  Whether it’s the licking of your face or the enthusiastic purr you were rewarded with, you absolutely know when you’ve found the perfect addition to your family.

So you bring the scared little critter home.  You know you will give him love and attention, toys to play with, good food to get or keep him strong, appropriate veterinary care to keep him healthy.  And you hope for the best.  Rescuing a pet from a shelter or another home is a wonderful thing for both of you.  It’s important to remember, though, that any rescued animal comes with the possibility of baggage – a history of abuse; abandonment issues; premature weaning; fear of storms, loud noises, other animals, small children – anything that may remind him of his prior circumstances.

Biting, barking, scratching, kicking and other forms of aggression are not just animals behaving badly.  If your animal is sad and withdrawn, skittish or easily frightened, he is trying to communicate something, and behavior is the only way he knows how to tell you that he is in pain – whether physical or emotional.

As an Animal Empath, Nancy works with animals – of all shapes and sizes – to help you understand the source of their behavior.  It may be a sore spot from physical abuse that hurts when you stroke it or fear of the neighbor’s dog who reminds your newly adopted pet of his life in an illegal fight ring; it may be that the cat is skittish and chews fabric because she was abandoned as a young kitten and feels defective and unlovable and is looking to your favorite pillow for comfort.

Nancy works with the animals at all levels of their being: spiritual, emotional, behaviour, and physical.  She invites them to communicate with her in ways they find most comfortable.  She is sometimes presented with ‘pictures’ that the animals projects; other times she hears a ‘proper’ conversation.  Most importantly, because she is connecting with its spirit and energy, she can clear past traumas and help the animal to heal; just being listened to isn’t enough – they deserve to be heard and have their issues respected and addressed.

Rescued animals truly appreciate their new circumstances.  They KNOW what would have happened to them if you hadn’t come along.  And they really, really, really want to return the love you show them.  Knowing their stories helps you help them heal their past traumas, so together you can write their new life stories in love and harmony.